What’s on the list of things to do in the Big Apple?

New York’s best-known attractions will be on the Big Boy list, and if you’re in the area, be sure to check out our full guide to the best spots to enjoy the nightlife.1.The New York City Museum of Natural History The Museum of the Natural History is the world’s largest museum dedicated to the study…

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New York’s best-known attractions will be on the Big Boy list, and if you’re in the area, be sure to check out our full guide to the best spots to enjoy the nightlife.


The New York City Museum of Natural History The Museum of the Natural History is the world’s largest museum dedicated to the study of life on Earth, including animals, plants, and fungi.

You can explore its exhibits and learn more about life on the planet, and you can also take in the sights of the city.


the Museum of Science and Industry (MISI) The MISI Museum of Arts and Science (also known as the Science Museum) is a major hub of science and technology for the city, with exhibits and interactive programs that range from astronomy to biology and more.


the Science Center The Science Center is a science center where you can learn more, watch movies, listen to concerts, and play games.


the Naturalist Center The Naturalist and Zoo Center are both beautiful natural and zoological areas that are open to the public, as well as the Museum.


the World Science Festival This annual celebration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics brings together the world in a unique way.


the National Gallery of Art, Museum of Modern Art, and Smithsonian Institution The National Gallery is home to some of the world´s most impressive art collections.


the Astrophysical Observatory The Astronomical Observatory is the largest astronomical observatory in the world and is a great place to get a glimpse of the Milky Way and other distant galaxies.


the Botanic Gardens The Botanic Garden is a fantastic place to see and be a part of nature.

The gardens are open year-round.


the Waldorf Astoria The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel is a popular destination for vacationers and tourists, and has some of New York´s best dining.


the New York Botanic garden The Garden is home of the botanical gardens and has a huge variety of plants.


the Grand Hyatt Hotel The Grand Hy in Manhattan is one of the most prestigious hotels in the United States, and is home not just to the hotel, but also to the Waldaromay.


the Rockefeller Center and its grounds The Rockefeller Center is one the most recognizable landmarks in the entire United States.

The lobby is also home to a large selection of art and design.


the Brooklyn Museum of Art and Design The Brooklyn Museum is a museum dedicated solely to art and culture, and features exhibitions, exhibitions spaces, and a wide variety of exhibitions and collections.


the Met Center and the Smithsonian Institution There are plenty of museums to choose from in New York.

Visit the Met’s collections, or the museum of science at the Smithsonian.


the John F. Kennedy Center and Museum of American History The JFK Center and museum are a great way to meet some of your favorite members of the American family.


the William Penn Museum of Fine Arts, and the Metropolitan Museum of Photography, and Museum and Archives The Metropolitan Museum is one New York institution, with exhibitions in many fields of art, science, and design, and an extensive collection of rare and interesting artworks.


the Metropolitan Opera The Metropolitan Opera is the country´s premiere musical institution, and one of New Yorkers most important attractions.


the Empire State Building The Empire State building is New York¿s tallest building, and was built in 1911.

It is home most of New Orleans, and also features the Empire Polo Club and other sports and social events.


the Statue of Liberty Statue of America is one half of the Statue.

She is a towering monument to America, a symbol of American ideals, and stands on the westernmost tip of Manhattan.


the Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial is a monument of Abraham Lincoln, a Founding Father and one the greatest presidents of the 20th century.

It was built on the site of the former site of Fort Sumter in South Carolina.


the Kennedy Center Kennedy Center is home for the Kennedy Institute of Ethics and the Kennedy Library.


the Guggenheim Museum of African American Art The Guggeon Museum of Contemporary Art is one in the most eclectic of New Jersey arts and culture destinations.


the American Museum of Asian Art and Cultural Heritage The American Museum is home-grown, a place where you might meet a local artist or learn about their work.


the Whitney Museum of America The Whitney Museum is New Orleans´ most famous art museum.

It hosts many art exhibitions, as does the National Museum of South African History.


the Pompidou Center The Pompids Center is an international center for the arts, culture, music, and health, and hosts a range of events.


the Robert Moses Memorial The Robert Moses Monument is the second-largest structure in New Orleans and is

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