How to save the life of a pregnant woman

The baby’s heartbeat, the mother’s cry, the baby’s cries.The mother’s hands on the baby, her voice.All are so incredibly emotional.The moment when she knows that she’s not going to die.The feeling of love.But the moment when her life is over, and you can’t say goodbye, or she’s going to be gone forever.I don’t know what…

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The baby’s heartbeat, the mother’s cry, the baby’s cries.

The mother’s hands on the baby, her voice.

All are so incredibly emotional.

The moment when she knows that she’s not going to die.

The feeling of love.

But the moment when her life is over, and you can’t say goodbye, or she’s going to be gone forever.

I don’t know what you would say to that, but it’s what I’ve done in my time, and it’s so heartbreaking.

You see this baby, and he’s breathing, but he’s not breathing.

It’s the most heart-wrenching thing you could possibly imagine.

I just had to take it out.

I couldn’t bear it any more.

We were all so afraid of the baby crying.

So much that we didn’t know whether to cry or not, and I had no idea if we could.

My husband was so scared, but I just couldn’t do anything.

We couldn’t stop the tears.

And when we finally were able to calm down, the babies crying stopped.

I didn’t cry, but the crying stopped for a while.

I had to sit down, and then it all came back to me.

The baby had stopped crying, and we started crying again.

And so, when the baby finally stopped crying for the last time, I couldn.

I looked up at him and said, ‘God, I’m sorry.’

And he said,’It’s okay.’

And I said, [to myself], ‘I’m sorry too.’

And that’s the hardest part of this.

I could feel the tears just start to fall off his face.

I think I was crying all the way down to my stomach.

I knew that I was going to cry for a very long time, because the baby was in my belly, and the baby in my stomach, and there was nothing that I could do.

So I started crying.

And then the tears came back and I was sitting there, crying, crying.

I was like, ‘You’re going to feel this all day.’

I was thinking, ‘I’ll be okay, I’ll be all right, I know how to do this.’

And then I finally, finally said, “It’s going away.”

He looked at me and he said: “I don’t have to do anything.”

And that was it.

And I cried for a few minutes, and just stood there for a moment, and when he said it, it was a relief.

And we hugged each other and we cried for maybe 30 seconds.

Then we said goodbye and we both went back to our own world, and that was that.

The best part of it all, I think, was when I was on the phone with my doctor and he told me that he had had some of my blood work done.

And he was like: ‘This is what I had for you.’

And it was just a miracle.

He said: ‘I just want to say that it looks like the baby has stopped crying.’

And all the tears were gone.

It was so heartbreaking and so beautiful, and so overwhelming and just so, so sad.

And it made me feel so, I don.

I mean, the thing that I felt so grateful for was that I had the strength to keep going and to go back to work.

But it’s like this thing where you just don’t want to go home.

You just want something else.

And you know, we were in a situation where we had a new baby, so we were going through a lot of stress, so it was kind of like, okay, this is it.

But I was just so relieved when I came back home that I didn, like, feel any anxiety or anything like that, because that’s when I felt like, I’ve had enough.

I’m not going back there, I said.

I’ve got to get something better for my baby.

And my husband said, I have a job.

I have to be able to do something for my kids, so I’m going to have to get an appointment for my family to go and do some work.

And that means that I can’t go to the movies, because I can go home and I can watch movies and stuff.

So it was really, really hard for me.

But now, I feel so blessed to have that job, because it gives me an outlet.

I get to be with my family and have them support me, and have the money for my children.

And just being able to go to a movie, it’s just so freeing.

And at the same time, it makes me feel better, because you know when you go to an appointment, you’re really anxious, because something is going to happen and you don’t feel like you have anything to be excited about.

But with this job, it feels like, oh, I got a chance to be involved.

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