How to spot the worst attraction in your city

How to Spot the Worst Attraction in Your City: A guide to the best and worst in our top 10, the San Francisco Chronicle has revealed.While there are many attractions that have become iconic and beloved, some have become so notorious they are no longer on the menu.Here are some of our picks for the…

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How to Spot the Worst Attraction in Your City: A guide to the best and worst in our top 10, the San Francisco Chronicle has revealed.

While there are many attractions that have become iconic and beloved, some have become so notorious they are no longer on the menu.

Here are some of our picks for the worst attractions of the year.


The World’s Worst Restaurant The World Is Not Enough, a food truck in San Francisco’s Castro district, has been condemned for its “unfortunate treatment of women and children”, which included “sexual harassment, intimidation and threats of violence”.


The Most Disturbing Thing About The World The Food Truck Apocalypse in the Castro district of San Francisco has become an event that is so bad that its a national event.

Its been condemned by city officials and restaurants, but it is also becoming a fixture in the San Fransisco skyline, and its becoming more and more popular with locals.


The Worst New Restaurant Ever Built In San Francisco, the Bali Hai restaurant in Chinatown has been the subject of a lot of criticism for its use of Asian ingredients.

But now, with so many restaurants across the city offering Chinese cuisine, its getting so bad, it has even prompted the city to issue an official apology.


The Best Attraction That is Already Dead In San Franciscans eyes, the most popular attraction in San Frisco is probably the popular Bali Haus, the world’s best-known Chinese restaurant.

But it has been in decline for so long that it now faces an imminent closure.


The San Francisco Beer Company has been accused of “toxic, irresponsible” practices and has had to close its doors in 2016 after being accused of failing to ensure workers are paid properly.


The Bali Hotel in the SF skyline.

Picture by Alex Wong 8/9.

The Horseshoe Crab In the heart of San Jose, the Horsashoe Crab is a famous seafood eatery that has been serving up seafood to locals for decades.

Its closing has been described by locals as a “huge loss” to the area.

The restaurant has been at the heart, and the city’s, of San Diego’s annual Horsa Festival since the early 1990s.


The Wacky, Funniest Place To Spend The Night In San Fran’s Chinatown, the Wacky Bar and Lounge has become a place that locals have dubbed “the weirdest place to stay in San Fran”.

The bar and lounge has a variety of different nightlife options including the famous “Dance” stage that attracts people from all over the city.


The most bizarre, controversial and grossest food item in San Francisco It has become common for people to be arrested in the streets for selling food in the city, with the city having taken on the reputation of a city of foodies.

But for a city that prides itself on being clean and safe, its also become known as a place where the streets are rife with food fraudsters and food trucks.


The best of the worst in San Diego: The World of Wines There are so many incredible wines and spirits in the world that one of the most difficult things to measure is how much you like a wine.

However, a study by Wine Spectator found that the most controversial wines in San Diegans taste buds are those that are made in small batches.

This is due to the strict requirements for winemakers and wineries, which make sure their wine is produced in the most optimal way possible.


The worst thing you can do with a beer in San Jose’s Chinatown The Beer Garden, located at 6th and Harrison, is one of those places that is popular among locals.

However its now one of San Francis most notorious spots, with many people going there on Friday nights in order to sample their favourite brews and to get drunk.

It is also popular with tourists who come to visit the city and take in its beautiful sunset view.


The BEST restaurant in San Fernando Valley While its not technically a restaurant, the restaurant at 10th and Valencia is known as the ‘Haus of Waffles’ and is considered to be one of, if not the, best in the region.

Located on the corner of 10th Avenue and Valencia Street, the bar is a favourite spot for locals who love their food and have no intention of going out to eat.


The greatest food trucks in San Antonio It has been a tough year for many food trucks, as the number of restaurants closing across the US has soared.

But San Antonio is no exception, with its food trucks being shut down for good.


The WORST thing you should do with alcohol in San Juan de Fuca, Mexico It is an island off the coast of Mexico, where locals are known for their love of craft beer, and many of the best beer is found in the island.

Its also where a popular food

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